Production of commercial steel ball valves

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EMKA ball valves

Ball valve constructions are widely used in present-day pipeline communications, where you must deal with water, oil, steam and gas.

Unquestionable advantages of a ball valve: simple shape, small size, high air-tightness, easy to control, structural rigidity — all of them contribute to the popularity of these fittings. We try to enhance the ball valve advantages by thoroughly selecting materials and perfecting main parts production technologies.


Ball valve for water supply and heat supply systems in a moderate climate.

  • casing material - steel 20;
  • sealing material - heat-resistant rubber
  • minimum design ambient temperature -40°С;
  • maximum working environment temperature +200°С

 EMKA gas

шаровый кран серии ЕМКА gas

Ball valve for natural gas (GOST 5542-87), air and neutral gases.

  • casing material: ЕМКА gas  — steel 20; ЕМКА nord gas — steel 09Г2С; 08ГДНФЛ;
  • sealing material — heat-resistant rubber;
  • minimum design ambient temperature: ЕМКА gas — -40°С; ЕМКА nord gas — -60°С;
  • maximum working environment temperature — +130°С.

 EMKA oil

Ball valve for transporting petroleum products and mineral oils.

  • casing material - ЕМКА oil  -steel 20;    ЕМКА nord oil* - steel 09Г2C; steel 08ГДНФЛ
  • sealing material - oil-benzene-resistant rubber
  • minimum design ambient temperature  ЕМКА oil  -40°С;   ЕМКА nord oil-60°С
  • maximum working environment temperature    ЕМКА oil  и ЕМКА nord +130°С